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How can something so practical be so charming?! With its unique design and pop of color, this sturdy rope and yarn basket keeps your  spaces welcoming and uncluttered--with no effort on your part.

 In the nursery keep extra diapers, lotions, wipes at the tip of your fingers! In the family room toss in baby toys, or pet toys!  Maybe that craft project you never have time for.  On the vanity hold extra towels or lotions and soap bottle.  This basket’s got you (and all your new  home owning friends) covered.

* 1/4 in. manila rope for strength 
*yarn for color and durability
*Smoke Free Environment
*Careful Attention to Detail

* This basket  measures approximately 13 in. wide X 7 inches long X 7 inches tall.. 

 Due to  the nature of the rope sizes may vary slightly.


*Great size for nursery essentials, books, cards, guest towels, crafts, mittens, pet toys, etc.


*Baskets are made to order and ready to ship usually within 2-3 business days.  Shipped via  USPS .


 Perfect size for just about everything, this  basket will keep you organized!  Colors to match every room in your home. Where will you put yours?

Thisbasket   makes  a great gift for someone special given alone  or filled with goodies.

Everything Basket

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